Which best describes the Cold War?a race between the joined States and also the Soviet Union to develop nuclear weaponsa forty-year duration in i beg your pardon the world"s superpowers engaged in armed conflicta tense, forty-year standoff between the Soviet Union and also the joined Statesa competition in between the united States and the Soviet Union to put a man into space
Which ideal describes the key goal of the U.S. Plan of containment?to contain communism within the boundaries of the USSRto store communism from spreading around the worldto prevent the proliferation of nuclear weaponsto keep communist north Korea native invading democratic South Korea
Why did the United states implement the Marshall Plan?to rebuild Europe after civilization War II and type strong relationship with democratic nationsto help Russia recover from human being War IIto restructure the federal governments of west Europe after human being War IIto build a trans-European railroad and also international airline service after human being War II
Why didn"t the joined States shot to prevent the Soviets from structure the Berlin Wall?Kennedy and other west leaders thought that the city should be physically divided.U.S. Corporations benefited from the revenue of building materials to the Soviets.Kennedy worried that an attempt to avoid the construction might spark a nuclear war.The people of West Berlin necessary a obstacle to save the Soviet police out.

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What was the Cuban Missile Crisis?Castro"s effort to find out the an innovation for developing nuclear weaponsCastro"s hazard to ruin the island of Cuba v nuclear missilesa Soviet check buildup of atom missiles in Cuba that prompted a U.S. Responsean offensive program versus communist Cuba that resulted in an armed conflict
How go U.S. Economic situation and culture change after people War II?The economy improved but only wealthy civilization could afford luxuries.The stock industry fell and also many enterprise folded, causing widespread poverty.The economic climate expanded and much more people had money to spend on luxuries.The country went with a depression and also many civilization were left unemployed.
Which is one method the U.S. Government responded come the fear of nuclear war in the postwar years?The government constructed detention centers to imprison Russians living in the united States.The United states signed a treaty with the Soviets that outlawed nuclear weapons.The federal government launched programs to investigate suspected communists.The military constructed missile facilities in Cuba to deter strikes from Soviet warships.
Which is one reason that European nations joined with each other after civilization War II?They hope to develop a solitary democratic country with one government.They want to enhance their economic climates by easing limitations on commerce.They needed funding to build a railroad that connected Europe and also Asia.They wanted to kind an international military base to protect Europe against the Soviets.
Which finest describes Mikhail Gorbachev"s plans because that the USSR?He wanted to restructure the government to make it an ext efficient and humane.He want to broaden the military and build much more nuclear weapons.He wanted to institute a police state to keep dissenters under control.He want to construct a stronger relationship with China and North Korea.

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Which describes an event that caused the decline of the USSR?The economy was strained since of the arms race and also other military responsibilities.Nations the the people agreed to impose high tariffs top top Soviet goods.Several republics join in a substantial rebellion against the Soviet government.A serious drought brought around a widespread famine.

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