The last selection is the exactly one. This is the reason that wrenches have long handles. If the bolt is yes, really stuck or rusted top top there, a human who is careful and also knows what he"s law will periodically put one end of a 2-ft pipe over the wrench-handle, and also then press on the other finish of the pipe. Advertise on a point that"s farther away from the bolt always makes it simpler to unscrew.

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1). You apply a force of 50 N come a shovel. The shovel applies a pressure of 500 N come the weed. The mechanical benefit is 10.


As we recognize that mechanical benefit is given as


2). You use a force 10 N to a bar which forces a tv to lift with a pressure of 20 N. The mechanical benefit is 200.


As we understand that mechanical advantage is given as


3). That is feasible to usage a simple machine and gain no mechanical benefit No simple device can every it is provided a mechanically advantage.


It is possible to have no mechanical advantage in those situations where used force is very same as the pressure to pull up.

4). If you want to background a 50kg thing up 5meters, girlfriend would have to supply a mechanical benefit of 10.


It is not crucial to use MA = 10 to traction upwards a offered object

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To increase the effectiveness of a machine, it is advisable the one reduces friction within the an equipment parts as much as feasible through usual procedures such as greasing and oiling. This is help to reduce the quantity of power lost due to friction thus contributing to calculation which ultimately is helpful in calculating efficiency of a machine.

Efficiency can"t be 100% since it is found by dividing work output verses input however the output is normally slightly much less than the entry energy as result of energy losses within a machine. The casualty that take place are mainly attributed to frictional losses.

Here efdiciency and also work output room given yet input is missing. Converting effectiveness into decimal we have actually 0.75 and since efficiency=output/input climate the input will certainly be provided by output/efficiency and by substitution 240/0.75=320 J

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C. The occupational would continue to be the same and also mechanical advantage would increase.

You"re tho doing the same thing, yet having a much longer ramp would certainly make the work-related done much easier (mechanical benefit has increased)

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The price is A & C just took it.

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The mechanical benefit of a lever deserve to be calculated.


If the length of the initiative arm and the size of the resistance eight are offered we have the right to calculated the mechanical benefit of a lever. That is additionally defined together the ratio of output force to the entry force. Mathematically, the is given by :



is the calculation force

is the input force

A bar is a simple device in which there is a Plank the is free to complimentary to rotate about a pivot. So, the correct choice is (a) "the mechanical advantage of a lever can be calculated".

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The objective of an inclinded airplane is come make simpler to relocate objects come a certain height.

The technology behind this is about the job-related you have to use to relocate the thing upwards. Basically, as soon as we usage an skinny plane, we are separating the net force, making easier to move. All this means, the pressure needed to move the objecto up will be lower, because of the lean plane.

So, if the pressure needed is lower, climate the occupational is likewise lower, because the work done is characterized as the product between the pressure applied and the distance traveled.

In addition, if we have actually a longer inclined plane, that method the force needed is even lower, beacuse the street is increased, but the work-related is the same, since it only depends ~ above the initial and also final point.

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Therefore, in this case, the work-related would remain the same and also the mechanical benefit would increase. As we said before, the work needed will it is in the same despite the force decreases, because the distance increases, continuing to be the job-related as a constant. And the mechanical advantage increases, due to the fact that it"s less complicated to move if the inclined aircraft is longer.