Which of the adhering to transformations represent an increase in the entropy the the system.

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Choose all that apply

43 g C2H5OH (liquid, 171K) 43 g C2H5OH (liquid, 340K)

47 g Co (liquid, 1.768×103K) 47 g Co (solid, 1.768×103K)

4 mol Xe (0.528 atm, 409K) 4 mol Xe (0.528 atm, 205K)

43 g C2H5OH (liquid, 352K) 43 g C2H5OH (gas, 352K)

3 mol O2 (6.24 L, 249K) 3 mol O2 (12.5 L, 249K)


Hi Ahmad!

As a general rule, Entropy (ΔS) will increase when any kind of of the adhering to occur:

liquids are created from a solidgases are created from one of two people a fluid or a solidthe total number of gas molecules rise from reactants to productsthe temperature increases.

For the services of this question, ns am walk to describe each that the answer choices as #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 respectively.

#1. The substance below is remaining in the liquid phase, and also no more was added, however, we have the right to see the the temperature increases from 171K come 340K so, the entropy in increasing.

#2. In this option, we can see the the substance underwent a physical readjust from the fluid phase to the solid phase so in this situation the entropy that the system is actually decreasing.

#3. below we can see the the temperature decreases native 409K come 205K, an interpretation that the entropy that the mechanism is decreasing together well.


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for #4, the substance underwent a change from the liquid phase to the gaseous stage which indicates boost in entropy.

#5. This one is definitely the trickiest come understand. Every little thing here remains constant except for the volume of the container which increases from 6.24L come 12.5 L. When the volume is small, the 3 mole of gas space confined and pressurized which provides the substance act much more closely come a liquid. In a larger volume container, the 3 mole of gas are much less pressurized and also therefore, much more disordered. So, because that this one, the entropy of the mechanism must it is in increasing.