Depending on her perspective, racquetball history could be thought about either reasonably short or an extremely long. Interested to hear more?

With that high intensity, split-second strategy decisions, and also unique gameplay, racquetball has actually earned a reputation together a great sport and incredible full-body workout. However, many world aren’t certain if racquetball is the sport for them. Usually, this is due to the fact that they aren’t rather sure what racquetball is. That’s due to the fact that racquetball doesn’t have actually the high profile that sports prefer tennis enjoy or in ~ times world confuse racquetball for another, slightly comparable sport favor squash. But racquetball is its very own thing.

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The beginnings of Racquetball

Depending on her perspective, racquetball history could be considered either reasonably short or very long. That’s since racquetball together we recognize it came to be in the early-to-mid-20th Century, but if you monitor its evolution, you will certainly be looking as far earlier as France in the 12th Century. That’s once the game that would end up being tennis was very first played. End the century it go from a video game played through striking a wooden sphere with the palm to a game involving racquets and a net. What many civilization don’t know is the tennis wasn’t constantly a strictly outdoor sport. Famously, Henry VIII had actually an at home tennis court built at Hampton Court palace in the 1530s. 

But tennis ongoing to transition into the game we know today. The indoor playing courts were, because that the many part, abandoned. But people didn’t protect against playing indoor racquet games. over there is some proof that in part prisons in the 1800s there was a game called rackets that affiliated hitting a ball against walls. That game concerned America at some time in the beforehand 1900s. Beyond that, squash and also handball were developing and tennis, that course, to be thriving. In the 40s, a man named Joseph G. Sobek made the an initial racquetball while functioning in a rubber factory. Sobek, that was a renowned tennis and squash player, chose to produce a brand-new game combining the rules of squash, rackets, handball, jai alai, and also tennis. He referred to as the sport paddle rackets, but it shortly was renamed racquetball as soon as Robert Kendler founded the global Racquetball association in 1968. together the game grew more popular, various leagues emerged and combined. Today, the global Racquetball tourism is recognized as the top name in compete racquetball in the US.

The rules of the Game

There’s a most nuance come the rule of racquetball, but they’re actually pretty simple. Racquetball is played on a court that has at least three walls and is 20 feet through 40 feet with a 20-foot tall ceiling. Over there is a service area in the center of the court. Come serve, you have to let the ball bounce when in the business area, then hit the sphere off the front wall surface so that it doesn’t hit the ground again till it is past the organization area. Native there, every player takes turns hitting the ball off the front wall. If the sphere bounces twice before it is hit, the ends the rally. Only the player serving score points. If the offer player loses a rally, the the contrary player doesn’t earn a point, but they execute take end the serve. A usual racquetball enhance will it is in two gamings played to 15 points and a 3rd game played to 11. Depending on where you room in the world, there may be subtle differences in part rules.

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because that example, in Australia, a sphere that access time the court’s ceiling is considered out of bounds while in the USA that sphere is still playable. 

Racquetball Equipment

Now that you know the an easy rules, you’ll want to understand what devices you’ll need to acquire started in ~ your regional racquetball court. Contrasted to some various other sports, racquetball devices is pretty simple. You’ll need shoes for the court. Girlfriend don’t want dark soles that will leave unsightly marks anywhere the court and you don’t desire to track dirt and grit into the court which can damage the floor. You’ll additionally need a racquet. A racquetball racquet will only be 22 inch long, which provides it much shorter than the racquets supplied for tennis or squash. You additionally need a ball. Racquetballs room hollow rubber balls with a 2.25-inch diameter. Because the balls space so light and move so quickly off the walls of the court, you’ll likewise need security eyewear. As soon as you have actually those four items—shoes, racquet, ball, and also eyewear—you’ll be all set to gain the finest workout of your life.

Get right into the Game

Now that you know much more about the background and the rule of racquetball and also you know what you have to start playing, obtain out there and also see what resources are available for you come play in your area. Many gyms v racquetball court will permit you to examine out tools if you don’t have yours yet, therefore you have the right to even try the sport before you walk all in. Inspect out the world-class players of the IRT because that inspiration.