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Where go the Calvin bike occur?


Identify the chloroplast.


Identify the stroma.

chloroplasts an intricate system that interconnected thylakoid membranes segregates the stroma indigenous the thylakoid an are in the chloroplast.

Approximately what wavelength of light is best soaked up by chlorophyll a, the pigment that participates directly in the light reactions?

You achieve the pigments dubbed carotenoids in her diet when you eat carrots. Why carry out carotenoids appear yellow and orange?

Can girlfriend tell from these absorption spectra even if it is red irradiate is efficient in driving photosynthesis?

One cannot tell from this graph, but because chlorophyll a go absorb red light, we deserve to predict that it would certainly be efficient in control photosynthesis.


If only chlorophyll a were connected in the light reactions, would certainly blue light (wavelength around 490 nm) be efficient in control photosynthesis?

The graph indicates that chlorophyll a absorbs very little blue light, therefore we have the right to predict that blue light would not it is in effective.

An action spectrum plots the rate of photosynthesis at miscellaneous wavelengths of visible light, and also it shows that blue light through a wavelength of about 490 nm is effective in driving photosynthesis. Based on this information and the absorb spectra presented at left, what role may chlorophyll b and carotenoids beat in photosynthesis?

These pigments room able to absorb more wavelengths of irradiate (and thus much more energy) than chlorophyll a alone can absorb. As part of light-harvesting complexes in photosystems, they broaden the variety of irradiate that can be supplied in the light reactions.

Photophosphorylation The excitation of chlorophyll by light energy initiates a chain of events that leads to ATP production.

True or false? The chemiosmotic hypothesis states that the synthetic of ATP generates a proton gradient that leads come electron circulation through one electron move chain.

According to the chemiosmotic hypothesis, what gives the power that directly drives ATP synthesis?

Proton gradient A proton gradient across chloroplast and mitochondrial membranes drives ATP synthetic by the enzyme ATP synthase.

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True or false? The region of ATP synthase that catalyzes the production of ATP from ADP and inorganic phosphate spans the chloroplastic membrane.

Chloroplast membrane vesicles room equilibrated in a simple solution of pH 5. The equipment is then adjusted to pH 8. Which of the adhering to conclusions can be drawn from these experimental conditions?