I’m not going to lie: it took me awhile to come roughly on “Let my Love open up The Door.” after all, there were hardly any kind of guitars ~ above it, and also it to be an unexpectedly substantial hit single, an interpretation it was almost everywhere the radio almost everywhere the time, when the far an ext deserving “Rough Boys” kinda acquired buried.

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But at some allude over the decades, “Let my Love open up The Door” wore under my resistance, and now I’m a total sucker for one of the most straightforward pop songs the Pete Townshend ever wrote. And also I kinda think about it among the rarest of birds: a non-danceable synth-pop song. (And indeed, since of The Who’s rhythm section, the wasn’t prefer Townshend created a lot of danceable songs, even though to dance was among his lyrical motifs going earlier to when he asserted he didn’t mental other males dancing v his girl.)

Starting v a synth squiggling right towards you, “Let My open The Door” beginning off simple enough:

When human being keep repeating that you’ll never fall in love when everybody keeps retreating but you can’t it seems ~ to get enough

Let mine love open the door Let my love open up the door Let mine love open the door To her heart

It’s with the first chorus where Townshend unleashes a totality bunch the cool manufacturing tricks: first, there pre-echo on every single instance the his to sing the title, climate there’s a yes, really cool round-robin vocal setup on the post-chorus.

My love open the door Tooooooooooooooo my love open up the door Tooooooooooooooo mine love open up the door Tooooooooooooooo

Those vocals are repeated so much, they practically become one more instrument, yet they also carry out both a constant hook and also a counterpoint of intricacy to the nearly sappy lyrics.

When whatever feels everywhere Everybody seems unkind I’ll provide you a four-leaf clover take all problem out of her mind

That, the course, is ~ above purpose: unequal a most the various other songs top top Empty Glass, where Townshend lets his organic bent in the direction of overthinking and also ambiguity muddy increase the post a bit, over there isn’t any of that in “Let mine Love open up The Door.” the is what it states it is, i beg your pardon is why you’re so lucky he’s around.

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And i think that’s why that resonated with people: insanely catchy throughout, but also easy to grok lyrically. And in fact, “Let my Love open up The Door” was just the second Townshend-penned song to cracked the Billboard height 10, corresponding future details Song “I have the right to See for Miles” at #9, i m sorry is kinda weird the two exceptionally disparate songs space his greatest singles, yet why not?

“Let my Love open up The Door”

“Let my Love open The Door” official music video clip (terrible sound, but featuring big Country’s future rate section)

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