Metal is a an excellent conductor of heat than woodWood is a great conductor of heat than metalWood conducts heat quicker than metalBoth the metals and wood are bad conductors the heat
Let"s talk about the principles related to heat Properties that Matter and Heat transfer. Explore more from Physics here. Learn now!

There room three methods of warm transfer between the 2 systems. They space conduction, convection, and radiation.

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Conduction is a method of heat transfer in solids and also heat deliver takes ar without the motion of particles.Convection is a method of warm transfer in fluids (gases and liquids) and heat move takes place because of the activity of particles.Radiation is a technique of heat transfer where warm is transferred from one ar to one more without affecting the medium of warmth transfer.


Both are at the same temperature, the steel will feel colder 보다 the wood since of the thermal conductivity the the metal, compared to the woodis more.

Metal will conduct the heatfaster 보다 woodto yourhand.

The details heat capacity of timber is much greater than iron. Thus it bring away time to obtain cooler or hotter compared to metal.

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