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since of the stifling heat, everyone appears to drink even more than they can normally, and this is no a good thing considering the palpable tension that exists between various members of the group. Further, the warm makes anyone a small desperate and also irritable. Because that instance, Daisy cries out,


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Because of the stifling heat, everyone seems to drink even more than they can normally, and also this is no a an excellent thing considering the palpable anxiety that exists between various members that the group. Further, the warm makes everyone a small desperate and also irritable. For instance, Daisy cries out,

"But it"s so warm <...> and also everything"s therefore confused. Let"s all go to town!"

The warmth seems to make her restless and also muddles her thinking. She wants to to escape it, but there is no escape. She marvels what they"ll execute with themselves all afternoon, allow alone ""the work after that, and also the next thirty years."" together a inquiry makes it seem as though she feels trapped, border by the warmth (and, it seems, by her marital relationship as well). As they prepare to leaving for the city, Daisy says that "It"s too hot to fuss." She is anxious and also just wants things to feel easy.

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Nick explains the warm as "oppressive, together a "relentless beating heat," and also Jordan calls that "baking heat." These space hardly satisfied descriptions, and also they it seems to be ~ to mirror the emotional tenor of the group, especially once Tom becomes aware that his wife is having an affair with Gatsby and also that George Wilson will be placing an end to his affair with George"s wife, Myrtle. The tension is similarly oppressive and also relentless, and also it seems only to increase an ext and an ext as they all talk, even more so after ~ Tom starts to taunt Gatsby. The heat, in a way, winter the the atmosphere of the characters, however it additionally seems come worsen your moods, to do the opportunity of an outburst, a confrontation, that much an ext likely.