The go Dead Season 7 is now ago on our screens. The mid-season finale i m sorry aired in December left united state asking ourselves a variety of questions we were dying to recognize the answer to. Did episode 9 fix our impressive queries? We’ve update the post below to check out what – if anything – has actually been revealed. Scroll down to the numbered questions to watch the brand-new content.

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This write-up discusses illustration of “The walking Dead” you might not have seen. If girlfriend don’t want to understand what’s happened, stop READING NOW. THIS IS your SPOILER WARNING!

After so lot hopelessness and unrelenting bleakness throughout the vast bulk of the first seven episodes of “The walking Dead” Season 7, illustration 8 – called ‘Hearts quiet Beating’ – ceded something to finally raise the spirits. The season up to this allude has adhered to a comparable pattern come Season 4, in which the tasks of each component of our fractured group space tracked in turn, illustration by episode. This meant that we sometimes had to wait three or 4 episodes to discover out what was going on with a certain splinter group.

Having take it them apart again for Season 7, sometimes weeks have actually gone by without see hide nor hair of some of our many loved characters. Maggie and also Sasha have actually squirrelled themselves far up in ~ the Hilltop when Maggie recovers indigenous pregnancy-related complications, a very battered and beleaguered Carol has discovered herself in ~ The Kingdom v Morgan, and Daryl has actually been taken sinner by Negan, locked away at The Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, a broken Rick has actually been busy trying to scavenge because that Negan in ~ Alexandria, a hot-headed Carl has actually taken off to The Sanctuary bending on revenge and also Michonne has gone off alone as she do the efforts to number out her next move: rojo over and also taking it no an option. In the most stand-alone episode of the season, Tara and Heath’s story is expanded and a brand-new community introduced.

In illustration 8, we finally get one instalment that brings us up to day with all the main characters at once. But, like any kind of drama that wants to tantalise, tease, and keep civilization watching, it leaves us with a variety of questions we’re going to need to wait till February to it is in answered, as soon as the second fifty percent of Season 7 screens. Here’s our round-up of the many burning questions we’re asking…

1. Will Carol and also Morgan join the fight?


With every factions either collectively or personal galvanizing come prepare because that attack, it appears unlikely that neither character will gain involved. Once Ezekiel’s right-hand man, Richard, asks both to assist him to convince Ezekiel to do a stand versus Negan, lock refuse – each for different reasons. Carol is adamant she wants everybody to leave her alone, and also Morgan, the course, is a sworn pacifist.

However, we’ve seen Morgan bend his very own rules due to the fact that hooking up v Carol, and also Carol has on more than one occasion come to the rescue after going the alone. It’s daunting to think she’d let she friends take on the negative guy and not acquire involved. Creator Robert Kirkman agrees: “As much as castle protest, once the hit starts they’re probably gonna be ideal in there,” he said as a guest on The talking Dead” best after the show aired. That added: “Am i revealing also much?”


We still don’t know for sure, although that looks like Morgan is gearing as much as wade in. He reunites through Rick and co. As soon as Jesus bring them come The Kingdom to meet with Ezekiel in an effort to get them onside. Morgan admits come Rick that he has had to rest his vow no to kill – he saved Carol from death at the hand of the Saviors. He’s learned that sometimes killing is necessary.

However, he’s hope there’s one alternative way to all-out attack and slaughter, saying at Rick’s audience v Ezekiel that possibly they arrangement to record Negan and also hold that instead. Ezekiel isn’t crawl to join the hit – but rick feels he have the right to be convinced easily by Morgan, a man whom Ezekiel seems to trust and respect.

As for Carol? Morgan lied come Rick around her whereabouts, respecting Carol’s desire to be left alone. Without Rick and the gang understanding she’s on the doorstep, lock can’t in ~ this suggest attempt to get her on board. But with Carol’s monitor record? There’s no means she’s not acquiring involved, one method or another.

2. Has Daryl lost his soft side?


Daryl has commonly been the voice the reason and soul the compassion in ethically questionable circumstances – look at at how (comparatively) kind he was once he first encountered Dwight and wife Sherry, and also her sister Tina. However he’s been with a lot in ~ the hand of Negan consisting of torture and humiliation. On peak of that, he feels significantly guilty about Glenn’s death.

Consequently, his brutal slaying the Negan cohort Fat Joey top top his escape from prison in this episode argues we’re around to see an even more badass Daryl; one that will protect against at nothing to guarantee the survive of his group. The attack mirrors Negan’s battering of Abraham and Glenn in the iconic hard-to-watch season opener. Has actually he soaked up a little bit of Negan’s psychopathy after spending time in his company? Or has actually he simply realized he needs to fight fire v fire? His tearful reunion v Rick, the course, shows he’s quiet at the very least a bit squidgy inside…


It looks choose Daryl has escaped the Sanctuary through his emotions intact. Once Rick argues Daryl take it up Ezekiel’s offer of asylum at the Kingdom, he initially resists. He’s only just reunited v his buddies, why would he desire to break away from lock again therefore soon?

But he knows it’s the right thing to carry out to save himself safe, and also everyone else. With Negan’s males still currently honouring their covenant not to set foot inside the Kingdom, it’s a for sure haven for Daryl – albeit probably a short-lived one. That doesn’t protect against his lip from quivering and also eyes from practically tearing up at the thought of separating native his apocalypse family, though.

3. What will happen to Eugene?

Eugene is challenged by Negan

Having been determined as the one the made a cartridge from scratch, Eugene is now a an important commodity for Negan therefore it’s unlikely his life is under threat. A quivering mess in the background during the Spencer death scene, that garnered part surprising courage indigenous somewhere together he stepped front to identify his function as chief ammo-maker. Maybe the death of Olivia was one kill too far for Eugene however despite his resistance when faced with a bullying Rosita coercing him into cracking out that bullet, he stood up like a man and took the heat. Will he currently rely on others to rescue him, or will he have an instrumental duty to play himself in any type of forthcoming take-down? We’re looking front to seeing this character’s evolution.


We’re nobody the wiser. Illustration 9 confirmed us naught of what may have actually happened to Eugene. Negan is back at the Sanctuary – us hear him over the radio Jesus stole, even if us don’t see him – for this reason presumably Eugene has actually been bring away there. Negan’s preoccupations in this episode are tracking down Daryl – that dispatches Simon to hunt him out at Alexandria – and also acknowledging Fat Joey’s death.

4. Who is the dude at the end?

These boots are created stalking: the identity of this mysterious figure will it is in revealed throughout the second half of the season

During the boat scene, we witnessed Rick and also Aaron watched native afar by one unidentified person whose footwear seemed significant. The exact same boots cropped up at the finish in a post-credit sequence, whereby we witnessed the mysterious personality spying on father Gabriel in ~ Alexandria v a pair that binoculars. Friend or foe? It stays to it is in seen however there is net chatter around the opportunity of it being one of The Whisperers – one more group from the comics however to be introduced on screen.

Alternatively, it can be Cyndie indigenous the Oceanside neighborhood encountered through Tara, exploring Tara’s people to watch if they can be trusted – or perhaps also Carol who has employed similar tactics before. Could it be Dwight, even? he’s displaying signs that treachery could be on the cards part time soon and also with Negan having been out-of-office because that a prolonged period while he waits in ~ Alexandria because that Rick, perhaps it’s offered Dwight the chance to scope out his options.

There’s additionally the meaning of the note to speak to into question, i beg your pardon Rick and Aaron uncovered when nabbing their haul of goods and which enigmatically read: “Congrats top top winning, yet you still lose.” together nothing’s taken place yet, some kind of retribution seems set to come – and also since the materials of that boat-scene draw are currently in the possession of the Saviors, does the hazard transfer come them?


Episode 9 heavily says that these boots belong to a member of the community that surprises and surrounds Rick’s team at the end. This new group looks likely to be The Whisperers, a faction that’s been presented in the comic books but i beg your pardon hasn’t featured in the TV display up to now. It hasn’t been spelt out, that course, the it’s this group – there’s a possibility still the it might be the return the the Oceansiders (with included menfolk) or another group.

It also looks like whoever this is could be the reason Father Gabriel has actually fled by car in the middle of the night through the contents of the larder, weapons and a complete tank of fuel.

5. How do the Oceansiders right in?

Oceansider Cyndie could be important in the fight versus the Saviors

We’ve seen this neighborhood of women when so much (mysterious voyeuristic stalker aside, which may or may not it is in an Oceansider) – and at length, through a entirety episode dedicated to them and the introduction of their story. Back Tara has so far kept quiet about her meeting with the community, as they asked for of her (they’re trying to prevent detection having properly fled native Negan), perhaps her arrival has piqued their interest and opened them approximately the idea that joining forces to take on Negan. Cyndie certainly forged a bond with Tara and is an extremely curious to see what’s beyond the limiting confines of their an enig camp. They’d absolutely bolster an assault – they’ve acquired weapons and also fight!


We haven’t officially heard any much more of the Oceansiders, as well as the slim opportunity that the boots belong their number, or that they’re the group behind the ambush on Rick’s party. It’s most likely they’ll function again in ~ some suggest in the second fifty percent of Season 7 so watch this space.

6. What happened in between Negan and also Ezekiel in the woods?

King Ezekiel that The Kingdom, through right-hand guy Richard spring on

When Richard asks Carol and also Morgan for aid persuading Ezekiel to attack Negan, he tells them: “A few months back, Ezekiel and a few guards met a team of lock in the woods. The Saviors known Ezekiel’s capabilities. And Ezekiel didn’t desire to fight. For this reason they cut a deal. In exchange for food and also supplies, no one would get hurt and they’d never collection foot inside The Kingdom. Very few of us even know…”

So what precisely happened the demonstrated Ezekiel’s ‘capabilities’ come the Saviours? and also what, indeed, room his ‘capabilities’? Carol saw v his act right away, and also Negan’s no idiot so presumably, the did too. Is Richard referring to his leader’s ability to keep a huge community under control? Or walk something more sinister go down?

We know why Negan is particularly savage as soon as it involves Rick’s gang. Stack has always been a fearsome leader and also Negan has had to will to spectacularly brutal methods to yes, really wham his point out home: he necessary Rick broken, and also untempered ferocity has actually been the only method he can do it. Yet there’s a ide that he actions his technique depending ~ above the resistance the meets.


With Gregory’s Hilltop colony, Negan self rarely has to go that seems because leader Gregory has proved self pretty accommodating even if Negan’s nasty little deputy Simon has meted out some fairly cruel treatment.

It seems extremely irregular, therefore, that Negan and also his team would certainly agree come not setting foot within The Kingdom, however obliging Ezekiel may have actually proved self to be. Plus, return Richard acknowledges that the current situation is a precarious one, it appears out the character that Negan would be therefore hands-off having actually seen the levels he’ll stoop to.

Is over there something lock not telling us about what’s gone on between these two communities? does it have actually something to perform with the tiger? execute the Saviors also know around the tiger? after ~ a tantalizing glimpse of Shiva this season, we’re likewise wondering exactly how she will function in the second half of the season.


Firstly, episode 9 provides us a welcome glimpse the Shiva – through the eye of Rick, Daryl, Michonne and the team, who room both bewildered and also alarmed at seeing Ezekiel take care of a real, live tiger. Shiva made just a fleeting appearance, however.

When it involves the inexplicable relationship between The Kingdom and The Saviors, it appears as though it’s simply a matter of time prior to Negan beginning demanding much more from Ezekiel. There are much more hints in this recent episode the this is likely to happen sooner rather than later, through The Saviors taking problem with the fact that the many recent to draw looks lighter 보다 usual.

We’re reasoning that nothing sinister went down in those woods after all and that Ezekiel doesn’t have actually anything end Negan – although it seems likely that Negan doesn’t know around Shiva. We suspect we’ll start to view The Saviors further step increase the aggressive strategies with The Kingdom, and also this will spur Ezekiel on to join Rick in the fight, an especially since Richard is already won over.

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7. Why walk Negan stay a bandage top top his left arm?

Negan takes over the kitchen through Carl together he waits for Rick in Alexandria

The show’s makers have actually said it’s not significant but us beg come differ. It’s usually hidden in ~ his animal leather jacket however it’s certainly an indicator that he’s maybe not together invincible as he appears, even if he to be fortuitously saved from a nasty cartridge hole in his chest through Lucille in this episode. Possibly it’s a strain from so much bat swinging, or maybe it’s something an ext ominous. It’s fair to say, though, that someone on the production team has actually seen right to do it a influential feature…


We didn’t see Negan in this illustration so we’re no closer to learning what’s wrong v his arm.

You could constantly refer come the comic publications for some an ext insight right into the potential answers to these concerns and more – but we all recognize that the show’s creators don’t constantly stick come the comic’s narrative, don’t we?