Why is the element iron responsible because that supernova? Can any type of star create more element than iron in ~ the span of its life?

I know that when star dies as result of supernova, other aspects are developed (Gold and also other 92 elements) early out to more heat created than forced not just for combination of Iron facet but likewise for the blend of greater element through each other.

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Your concern is a bit oversimplified due to the fact that there space many species of supernovae based upon the size and configuration of the star. However I have the right to answer her question about "why iron" by considering what keeps a star native exploding in the very first place.

In the simplest terms that star formation, when product from one interstellar nebula starts come collapse under its own gravity, the pressure and also temperatures associated will become an excellent enough to eventually start fusing hydrogen right into helium (it"s a little bit more complicated than that, however I"m speak in generalities). If you to be to think about the helium atoms produced by the process, you"ll notification that every helium atom weighs just a little less than the 2 hydrogen atoms that developed it. That bit of extra mass is given off as power which is developed in an excellent quantities together the hydrogen continues to it is in fused right into helium.

During the star"s "main sequence", the release of energy by the hydrogen-helium combination helps counteract the weight of the star"s gasses pushing inward. Material presses in; power pushes out in perfect balance. This balance the gravity and also energy output proceeds until the star supplies up most of that hydrogen.

It"s at this this suggest (when over there is no hydrogen left in the core the the star come fuse right into helium) that the combination reaction stops and gravity will certainly resume to collapse the star further. Together this star collapses, it will certainly quickly end up being denser and hotter till the temperature and also pressures the the inner are an excellent enough to start fusing helium into heavier elements… and the procedure continues.

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That is, until the star starts fusing elements into iron…

The combination into iron is the very first element the does not create much more energy 보다 it takes to produce. The result is that there is no net energy being developed to against the gravity pushing inward. So the outer layers will easily collapse right into a lot denser and also smaller ball causing the continuing to be star product to undergo combination all at once, resulting in the supernova.

So, in that sense, iron is not the cause that the supernova, yet its presence marks the inevitable finish of this star"s life cycle… in this certain scenario.

But understand that this is an oversimplification to highlight the process you request about. There are countless other assignment of a star"s life cycle. Ours sun, for example, does no have enough mass to keep collapsing down with enough pressures come fuse heavier elements into iron. Without getting into other pathways for the production of heavy aspects (even in smaller stars choose our sun) — once our sunlight starts developing carbon and also oxygen, the fuel starts to operation out and the core will simply collapse and also rebound as it swells up into a red giant, before losing its outer layers together a planetary nebula when the core shrinks to end up being a white dwarf (and eventually cooling into a black color dwarf).