My financial institution card is no longer accepted for Redbox appointments or on-location rentals v no explanation as to why. Has this occurred to everyone else?

So, the topic title claims it all and also I to be wondering if everyone else had a similar experience. I got an email today with a Redbox play Pass password for a cost-free Game Night, I use these 9/10 times I obtain them and tend to store the games for roughly 3 days before returning them. I've supplied the same payment an approach on my account since first starting to usage Redbox and also have never not paid a balance or run right into payment problems with castle in the past. Today when I checked out rent Lego Star Wars: The pressure Awakens (PS4) I got an error ~ above checkout, "Card not approved for games. Come continue, please try another kind of payment or remove any games from her cart." I could of course use a credit transaction card instead but I was more interested to watch what had happened with my consistent payment technique in case it was just an concern with my bank or if i somehow had actually a larger worry with my account.

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Turns out, no one on Redbox will be able to tell me why mine payment is no longer accepted, it simply isn't, the it's a device level thing and also no one can see why this would certainly be the case. Granted I've only spoken to one CSR however that's why I want to write-up this here, to see if anyone has actually run into something similar in the past and what they can have done to settle it. I'd prefer to store using Redbox together I love the Play pass benefits yet I'm not going to obtain a new bank card to do video game rentals.

Transcript of my conversation session if everyone is interested:

Status: You’re associated with a Customer treatment team member!

John: hello my name is John, please offer me one moment while I testimonial your question.

John: hi Ray. Thanks for waiting. Expect you're well.

RayCharlizard: I'm law fine, thanks.

John: allow me check the transaction.

John: may I please gain the critical 4 number of the credit transaction card used and the billing zip code?

RayCharlizard: last 4 digits: xxxx

RayCharlizard: Zip code: xxxxx

RayCharlizard: This is the exact same payment technique we've been making use of on each of ours Redbox rentals and also this is the first time this error has come up.

RayCharlizard: ns tried using it v my conserved payment an approach and then again v Visa Checkout.

John: regrettably the card you room trying to usage is no much longer valid for game rentals. I execute apologize but we don't have any visibility regarding why though however, Redbox evaluates all accessible transaction and account information throughout the rental procedure and unfortunately, this account wasn’t authorized for a video clip game rental. For an ext information, please refer to our regards to Use located at

RayCharlizard: If I contact the assistance line will certainly they have an ext information?

RayCharlizard: We've never ever not paid our rental balance and also it's a standard financial institution card.

John: No lock will administer you the exact same information.

RayCharlizard: go the regards to Use in reality state reasons for disallowing a payment method?

RayCharlizard: and also will my card be decreased if I use it at a physics Redbox?

John: Unfortunately since it is not valid through online reservation, it will not allow you still in ~ the machine.

John: I'm sorry but there is no way to override this.

RayCharlizard: Alright then. I'm not transforming my bank card to rental from Redbox. I'll just use another business. Thanks for your aid John.

John: You're welcome.

John: something else?

RayCharlizard: Is there anyway to have actually this transcript emailed to me or execute I need to save the manually?

John: You can copy and save that from your end. Unfortunately we cannot send an e-mail with the transcript.

RayCharlizard: Okay, say thanks to you. That will certainly be every today.

John: ns can carry out you despite a referral for our interaction: xxxxxxxx

RayCharlizard: That's perfect, give thanks to you.

John: You're welcome. Anything else?

John: hi Ray, just checking to view if you're still available to chat. Don't worry, I'll wait for an additional minute.

RayCharlizard: nothing else, say thanks to you.

John: You're welcome! If in case you're interested with recurring offers/discounts you could want come visit Thank you because that for chatting through us at Redbox, we evaluate your business and also have a great day!

John has disconnected.

Edit: Also, since I more than likely won't be using this free night code, here's one to anyone who wants it.

6th number, Very, Zealous, nine number, Super, Great, second number, Xylophone (expires 7/09

If that's too hard just ask for the code and I have the right to PM it come you assuming who doesn't acquire it lol.

Edit 2: simply read the sidebar (should have actually done the first, sorry!) and I'll say I've never ever used an invalid code for a rental, at any time I've offered a password is by clicking the connect in mine emails to take me to and also the password are immediately applied. So ns don't think I'm barred indigenous rentals because of one invalid code. I tried renting without the promo code and got the same error.

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Edit 3: Weirder still is every among my check checkouts led to a organize on my bank account, $1 for each that the promo code attempts and $3.25 because that the attempt without the code. Sort of obnoxious if my map is not enabled to rent games but they still tried to procedure a payment.